Hello ‘Auntie Bushra’.

I would like to applaud you for your fantastic curry sauce, it is truly delicious. I can honestly say it is the best pre-prepared sauce I have ever used, by a million miles!

I used the sauce to make a fish curry, something I have not tried before. The peppery kick in the sauce complemented the fish perfectly – it is now a firm favourite. My daughter, who usually eats very mild korma or passanda curry, absolutely loves the sauce, even though it is spicier than she would usually eat. Neither of us think that the recipe needs any tweaking, it is perfect as is. The sauce tastes rich, but still feels healthy, is spicy, yet is not too hot.

Your sauce makes cooking a tasty curry quick and simple, I cannot praise it enough. Aloo Gobi is on the menu next.

Kind regards

Lynne Williamson

I would like to provide feedback on the Curry Sauce that I have recently tried.

The sauce was very flavourful and rich in taste and marinated the meat and vegetables well.
I found the sauce to be medium in spice. It wasn’t too hot to over power the flavour of the sauce itself. It was full of aroma and got my mouth watering whilst waiting for it to cook.
It was easy to cook, simply cooking the meat off then pouring the sauce over and heating it up.
Overall it was delicious and I look forward to having this again soon, having recommended this to my family and friends.


Dale Frisby
Hi Bushra,

I’ve been meaning to catch up with you at school but the last couple of weeks have been difficult.

My family loved your curry sauce, especially my son. My husband was least keen because he does not like ginger so when I reorder I will be asking for less/minimal ginger!

Thanks so much for introducing us to your sauce!

Best wishes

Hi Bushra,

Just wanted to say how much we enjoy your curry sauces. The milder one is perfect !..the medium was nice too but a little hot for me but my husband loved it.

Could you make any dips?

Wishing you well with your business and I’m sure will be a massive success.

Thankyou so much

Kind regards

Dawn Coulson
How wonderful it is to buy a ‘Homemade’ curry sauce that I never could have ‘Homemade’ myself!
The whole family loved the dinner I made with this delicious sauce, (All I did was chuck in some vegetables and take all the  praise!!).
Just the thing for these cold nights, I would recommend Auntie Bishra’s curry sauce to everyone!
Bushra’s curry sauce has transformed my home attempts to create quick and delicious curry-suppers. The flavours of the spices are both subtle and familiar; the sauce is versatile as it can be used for vegetables, shellfish, fish, chicken or lamb. The jar clearly states how long it can be kept in the fridge, and I’ve successfully diluted it with tinned tomatoes or coconut milk to make it go further.
Highly recommended!
Carolyn Liefkes
Auntie Bushra’s curry sauces are quite simply delicious! They are packed full of flavour and use the freshest ingredients, enabling you to enjoy the taste of a restaurant quality curry from the comfort of your own home.

I have now subscribed to a weekly order and look forward to my next curry sauce.

Adam Livings
Auntie Bushra’s curry sauces are delicious. By far the best curries I’ve been able to make at home, far above what’s available in the supermarket and they’re incredibly easy to use.
James Edge
Hi Bushra, I found the sauce very tastey and delicious. I would definitely love to order it more when’ i have guests over. It was great. Thank you.
Fatima Nuur
Amazing sauce, full of fragrant flavours. Very versatile, I added chicken and spinach and speedily made a delicious meal.
Catherine P.
It is very delicious, healthy sauce.I would recommend to everyone.
My second curry sauce. Delicious and authentic. I used chicken and added spinach.
Margaret Panayi